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Individual tours, Going Solo VIP adventures, and elegant cruises. Dive into a world of diverse experiences where you forge new connections, and make every moment uniquely yours. Explore the options below and inquire for more details on your bespoke multi-centre adventure.

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Holidays and Groups for Solo Women

Embark on a journey of exploration and connection with my multi-centre holidays, tailored to meet the every desire of solo women travellers. Whether you prefer the exclusive experience of VIP trips, the camaraderie of group tours, the elegance of cruises, or the personalised touch of solo tours, my offerings cater to your every adventure.

If you would like to join me on one of Going Solo's Vip Trips you can find details of up and coming trips by clicking on the button

Why Should You Choose A Multi-Centre Break from Going Solo?

1. VIP Trips - Traveling Together: Join one of my VIP trips for a unique experience where you'll travel alongside a group of like-minded women and me too. Uncover hidden gems, share unforgettable moments, and create lasting connections as we explore together.

2. Group Tours - Meet New Friends: For those who relish the company of new friends, my group tours are the perfect choice. Discover the world in the company of fellow solo women, forming bonds that make your journey even more special.

3. Cruise Elegance: Set sail on a cruise adventure where every port is a new discovery. From the enchanting Mediterranean to Northern Europe and beyond,  cruises combine the luxury of travel with the joy of exploration.

4. Tailor-Made Solo Tours: Customise your solo adventure with one of my tailor-made tours. Whether you dream of cultural immersion, outdoor escapades, or historical explorations, I can curate the perfect itinerary to match your preferences.

Some of my favourite touring hotels

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