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I know you have questions and this is the place to get them answered. If like to discuss your travel plans, please fill out the contact form, click on any of the contact buttons on the website or even email me. I'd be happy to chat.

Solo Travel Frequently Asked Questions

I'm considering solo travel for the first time. Is it safe, and can you ensure my safety throughout the journey?

I feel guilty about taking a break alone from my family and work responsibilities. How can I overcome this guilt and fully enjoy my solo adventure?

I've recently experienced the loss of my partner, and the idea of solo travel seems daunting. How can your services support me during this challenging time?

I'd like to travel alone, but the thought of eating alone makes me uneasy. How can I navigate this and still enjoy my solo journey?

Can you help me with things like flights and foreign currency too?

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The beautiful Chieti region of Abruzzo in Italy


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