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Classic Connoisseur


Picture yourself on an amazing cruise through the Mediterranean, soaking in the history and local vibes at each port. From getting lost in Rome's ancient streets to marvelling at Athens' architecture or strolling through the charming promenades of Barcelona, there's so much to explore. These destinations offer not only a rich cultural experience but also a chance to savour local cuisine and dive into bustling markets. But it doesn't stop there. The Baltic capitals, Norwegian Fjords, and the Caribbean are also packed with surprises just waiting for you to discover.

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Getting around is half the fun

When choosing the best cruise lines, the Classic Connoisseur prefers those that prioritise a relaxed yet enriching atmosphere, offering a balance of comfort and exploration. Consider cruise lines like P&O, Ambassador or Cunard known for their welcoming ambiance, diverse itineraries, and value-for-money packages that cater to travellers seeking both relaxation and adventure. Imagine sailing aboard a ship equipped with spacious cabins, inviting lounges, and casual dining venues that serve up a mix of international flavours and regional specialties.


For the Classic Connoisseur, comfort and a familiar atmosphere are key. Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of the waves in a cozy ocean-view cabin, where large windows let in plenty of natural light and offer a constant connection to the sea. These cabins provide a serene retreat, perfect for enjoying a quiet morning with a good book or simply taking in the ever-changing views. If you prefer an even more private and personal experience, consider a balcony cabin. This option allows you to step outside and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on your own private balcony, making the most of the fresh sea air and scenic vistas.

What to pack

The Classic Connoisseur cruise experience seamlessly blends comfort with thrilling discoveries. Engage in themed evenings, test your luck at the casino, or enjoy lively entertainment such as pub quizzes, live music, and shows. Additionally, take advantage of arts and crafts workshops and dance classes, or maybe enjoy afternoon tea. Unwind by the pool, Keep fit in the gym, and pamper yourself with spa services to rejuvenate following a day of exciting adventures.

Local Insights

Personalised service is key to ensuring the Classic Connoisseur feels at home during their cruise journey. Friendly crew members who anticipate your needs and go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and satisfaction contribute to a memorable experience. Whether it's teaching you to dance, serving your meals or recommending the best local spots to explore independently, the onboard staff are dedicated to providing attentive service with a personal touch.

About Me

As an independent travel agent with over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, both professionally and personally, my travel archetype changes regularly. I've explored a wide range of travel styles —from thrilling adventures such as camping on the ice in Antartica and the heart of Africa to luxurious escapes in some of the Leading Hotels of the World™ . I'm here to help you find your ideal holiday, tailored to your unique preferences.


Keep an eye out for more emails from me, filled with exclusive offers and inspiring travel ideas. And when you’re ready to embark on the trip of your dreams, whether big or small, feel free to get in touch. I’m here to make your travel dreams come true, every step of the way.

Wendy Byard - Life Coach Italy
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