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Going Solo

Travel The World And Find Yourself

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Are you a woman who....?

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Are you a women who, dreams of exploring the world solo but finds herself unsure where to begin, or with lingering questions about the journey ahead? You're not alone. Embarking on solo travel is a thrilling prospect, but the unknown can be both exciting and a little daunting.

I understand that taking the first step can be both exhilarating and challenging. I'm here to guide you through every question, concern, and curiosity you might have. From travel logistics to inner reflections, I've got your back.

Are you a woman who cherishes your family deeply but you find yourself longing for some precious time just for yourself? Juggling family love with personal needs can be a delicate act, but it is possible to carve out that essential space. 

Taking that step toward self-care might feel daunting, but rest assured, I've got your back. From planning your escape to ensuring you return feeling revitalised, I'm here for you.

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Are you a woman who's found yourself alone through divorce or loss and is standing at a crossroads, ready to start again? Navigating such challenges can be overwhelming, but it's a journey that many brave souls embark upon

The initial steps might seem daunting, but you don't need to worry. I'm here as your companion, offering support as you rebuild confidence, plan exciting adventures, and navigate the process.

Are you a women who enjoys the freedom of your own company but craves connecting with kindred spirits to delve into the world of solo travel? You know that it's not just about the places; it's about the connections that turn the journey into an extraordinary adventure.

From lively discussions to forming travel companionships, I'm here to make your solo travel experience even more vibrant.

Mother and Daughter

Ciao I'm Wendy Byard

An English rose blossoming in Italy, devoted to inspiring women to create exhilarating, life changing travel experiences.



I can hear you asking yourself...

Why should you choose to work with me?

As a modern woman, your choices are vast. So, why opt for a travel curator?

  • With over a decade in the travel industry and a lifetime of exploration, I have the experience to craft solo adventures tailored made for women

  • Working with me means more than just a booking; it's about unlocking exclusive perks and experiences that go beyond standard online experience.

  • Choose me, and you have a dedicated ally from planning to post-return. Your journey isn't just a trip; it's an ongoing adventure, and I'm here for every step.

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Free Gift

To You

Solo Chic: The Definitive Packing Guide for Fabulous Travels

The must have checklist for solo women travellers to ensure a safe and smooth journey.

Solo Chic

You Always Have A Choice

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Going Solo

Going Solo from start to finish. This is for the woman who seeks not just a destination but a transformative experience. It's about embracing the freedom of solo travel while relishing the support and expertise that ensures your journey is seamless, enriching, and truly yours.

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Going Solo VIP

For the woman who cherishes solo freedom but welcomes the option of shared experiences, Going Solo VIP is the perfect blend. Dive into the world of solo travel with the added comfort of knowing you can enjoy the journey solo or share it with newfound friends, creating a travel experience that's uniquely yours.

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Going Solo +

Solo travel doesn't always mean leaving your loved ones behind. Going Solo + is for the woman who wants the best of both worlds—solo exploration and the warmth of shared experiences with those who matter most.

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A woman should take at least four holidays a year; one with her love, one with her family, one with her best friend and one alone. If she can only take one it should be alone as that is the only time she can really be herself

What an amazing, liberating experience.


For me it was hard leaving my family and travelling solo abroad for the very first time. But I did it. I am so so glad that I did. I gained so much personal insight into me from this whole experience.

L. Raley. UK

Wendy is this amazing beautiful person both inside and outside. She gives off an air of kindness, warmth and caring. You get this feeling that she has your back. She helped arrange a three day retreat. It could not of been more perfect.... She is such an inspiration, always seeing the good in people, always trying to bring the best out in others. As woman we are so hard on ourselves, she reminds us to embrace who we are, to look in the mirror, look back and say dam I am strong, I am beautiful. I can do this.

Sandy B - Canada

Every time I talk to you I feel your kind heart. Your gentleness and your empathy. A confidante I feel safe with and NEVER judged. I feel your calm energy, loving and caring. Also with no expectations which is a very warm and welcome place to be

Shirley Ann - US

Your perfect holiday begins with a conversation

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